Battery Logistics Support Services

Last Mile Service

TLS can help with the logistical needs that come with battery upgrades and decommissioning spent batteries.

TLS’ team of experienced logistic specialists can facilitate having the batteries moved closer to their designated outside plant locations.

This helps facilitate faster battery upgrades, will help reduce battery down time and will improve the bottom line since workers will not be wasting valuable time moving the batteries from one location to another.

Delivery / Fulfillment

New batteries to designated locations
Certificate of Ecological Destruction at EPA approved sites


Pickup of decommissioned batteries


Round trip logistics services
DOT approved tractor trailers
Fully insured


Checking all batteries delivered to warehouse for storage before they are delivered to designated locations

This allows for any damaged batteries to be properly handled before being delivered to the end location


Packaged decommissioned batteries for safe transport to Carol Stream, IL warehouse for recycling


17,000 sq ft of warehouse space available